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Welcome to Foxxil

Foxxil builds high-end consumer products at the intersection of technological and societal change. 

The company is on a mission to change the kitchenware segment. Enabled by decreasing manufacturing costs as well as a growing health trend Foxxil is able to pioneer the category of portable self-heating kitchenware. The mission is to develop devices that allow users to enjoy their food at the most tasteful temperature everywhere. 

Foxxil will enter the market through the introduction of it’s core brand – GLOW° –. The brand will launch several electronic consumer products, with Glow-Bento being the first of its kind. 

With a special focus on design, lifestyle and aesthetics Foxxil takes design-thinking to another level when working on products or shaping brand values. The long-term vision of Foxxil is to create design-led products that inspire and resonate deeply with human beings. 


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