We live Pebble. We love seeing people thrive. We’re a dynamic, interesting team who have spent countless hours perfecting a product that we hope will change your life.

Hicham Banny

CEO, Founder

Hicham is the activist. He’s the guy who got us from a slightly inebriated mirage to an actual product. He’s direct, which keeps us on task. He has complete conversations with himself, aloud, usually late into the night after a particularly complex day. He’s also completely obsessed with Pebble.

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Mathias Lorenceau

COO, Founder

Our Mathias is a hybrid of brilliant economist and Duracell bunny. He pitches and plans Pebble all day, every day. He’s persuasive and charming and loves good bets. His dream is to go into space; his nightmare is to work in a major bank’s compliance department - or, indeed, any 9-to-5 job!

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Claudio Minonzio

CTO, Founder

Claudio is the only guy who understands how Pebble works. He’s a crazy nerd, but we love him. He is the brains of our company; he somehow took this inebriated mirage and made it work. We revere his creative engineering. We sort of fear his lifelong ambition -- to build a mosquito-killing laser.

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